Poster Girl Pink - Mix it like Zara Poster Girl Pink - Mix it like Zara

Poster Girl Pink - Mix it like Zara


The Poster Girl Pink look on Zara is created by mixing our Colour Refresh Pink Pop and Colour Refresh White Mix. Colour Refresh is a nourishing hair masque with non-permanent pigments that will help you refresh your current hair colour or create a new shade.

How to create the Poster Girl Pink look:

Mixing ratio: 1 part Colour Refresh Pink Pop & 3 parts Colour Refresh White Mix.

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo, rinse, and towel-dry to prepare your hair for the treatment.
  2. Use gloves and apply the Colour Refresh mix evenly throughout your hair or on sections where you want the colour, using fingers or a comb.
  3. Leave in for 3–10 minutes depending on the desired intensity. Rinse with water to get rid of any excess colour.
  4. Finish off with conditioner to close hair cuticles and lock in moisture. Wash out and style as desired!
How to create Zara Larsson's Poster Girl Pink look
Maria Nila x Zara Larsson

*Do not bleach on Colour Refresh since it may cause discolouration.