Maria Nila the friendly year
Maria Nila the friendly year


The Friendly Year

Maria Nila does not believe animals should be part of human vanity, which is why all our products are 100% vegan, animal friendly and come in CO₂ compensated packaging. Beyond this, we also work with Plan Vivo to climate compensate for the total emissions of CO₂ from our entire operation. This initiative has since 2016 contributed to the planting of 280 000 m² of forest in Nicaragua. 

The philosophy of choosing friendly does not stop at our products, we also care for the world around us. Every year on World Vegan Day on November 1st, we start our Friendly Year – a year of campaigns and activities to raise donations to a specific wildlife cause. The project is run together with our partner and trusted wildlife charity organization The Perfect World Foundation, that supports and works to save animals and nature. Together with our community of customers and salons, The Friendly Year initiative has supported several charities and causes across the world.

The Friendly Year 2024

Maria Nila for Pollinators


This year, we are supporting the small yet important creatures close to home – the Pollinators. These fellas are crucial for maintaining a colorful and flourishing environment for us all to live in and they are a very important part of Biodiversity. Without pollinators, all of us humans and all of earth's terrestrial ecosystems would not survive. From bees and butterflies to birds, pollinators facilitate the transfer of pollen between flowers, enabling the reproduction and survival of countless plant species.


We we will contribute to Nordens Ark, a private non-profit foundation that works to ensure endangered animals have a future. They are engaged in conservation, rearing, research and training, as well as raising public awareness of biological diversity. In Sweden, Nordens Ark has national responsibility for breeding and releasing, among others, several beetle and butterfly species.

During this year, we will particularly follow Maria Nila’s new breeding facility for butterflies at Nordens Ark, environmental restoration projects, planting of nectar flowers and flower meadows.


The charity calendar of 2023

World Vegan Day

Launched 2023 years’ charity initiative to support the sea turtles. We raised around £150 000 thanks to our salon community, ambassadors and end consumers through events, collaborations and campaigns.

The Friendly Box

Created and donated all income from 120 extra large limited edition gift boxes on This activity alone raised around £2500 in just one week.

Highlighting environmental days

We actively market and spread knowledge on important days such as World Whale Day, Environment Day and Whalentines Day where 5% of sales where donated to the chosen cause.

The Friendly Reader

Launched the latest issue on our friendly magazine to raise awareness and inspire hairdressers to make friendlier choices within their salons.

Maria Nila x social charity

During the year, we worked with one of the largest organizations for people in homelessness.

Tree planting

During 2022, we climate compensated by planting 7543 trees, same area as 8,4 football fields.

Take a trip down memory lane

The Friendly Years

2023 | Sea turtles

In 2023, we gathered £150 000 to support Cairns Turtle Centre and opened the Maria Nila’s Turtle Rehabilitation Centre together.