Things to do at home: GO PASTEL! Things to do at home: GO PASTEL!

Things to do at home: GO PASTEL!


First went the hand sanitizer and paper. Apparently, it´s now time for the "hair colour" phase of panic buying, says Walmart´s CEO. But before you go online and buy permanent hair dye and do something your hairdresser will dread, relax. Have you tried Maria Nila´s Colour Refresh? A hair colour masque that nourishes the hair, comes in 15 different shades and the best off all, washes out in 4-10 washes. Time for the pastel pink you always wanted to try but never really dared!

We met up (online of course) with Erika Torstensson (go follow @erikatorstensson on Instagram), Maria Nila Technician and Assisting Manager at salon Oslohair in Oslo to ask her advice on using Colour Refresh. With her own hair shifting from blue to pink to peach to purple faster than others change socks, Erika is literally the pro when it comes to Colour Refresh.

Things to do in home stay: GO PASTEL!
Erikas with roots - 3 parts Lavender, 1 part Pink Pop & 1 part White Mix

What’s your advice to your clients when they’re about to use, the Colour Refresh at home?

Always start by washing the hair with shampoo and towel dry it, make sure to brush or comb through, then section the hair for a more controlled application and even result. The more your hair contrasts to the Colour Refresh you’re using, the more careful the application needs to be to avoid an uneven result. The pigments in the formula will attach more at the most damaged parts of the hair; normally this is in the lengths. Therefore, always start closest to the scalp and then massage it out in the lengths.

How do the colours work, will everyone get the same tone no matter how light or dark their hair is?

The shades of the Colour Refresh all have different underlying pigments with varied depth. Some are naturally pastel/light and some are more pigmented and therefore darker. If you use a lighter shade, such as Peach, on a blondie and a brunette, you won’t see that much of a difference on the brunette while the blonde gets a very visible result. Even if you use the same Colour Refresh shade on two blondes with different tones in their hair, you will see a difference. One thing you can do before applying the masque in the whole hair is to try on a part of the hair in the neck first. If the colour is too intense, mix with White Mix, or keep it in for a shorter amount of time.

What is the “White Mix”?

White Mix doesn’t have any pigments but is used for mixing with other shades that you think are a bit too pigmented. Just as with water colours! White Mix is also a great masque by itself, it’s the perfect trick for those who want to keep their hair colour but need a treatment for added shine and removing that brassy feeling. White Mix will instantly nourish the hair and make it look glossy and healthy. This is a safe option for all colours and hair types that I recommend everyone to try!

I’m too much of a coward to try crazy tones, are there any “normal” colours too?

No need to go 'crazy' if you don’t want to, you can get everything from a natural sandy blonde to a nice cacao brown. There is a colour for everyone!

If I want a really pigmented result, any specific advice on the application?

Always wash and towel dry the hair before applying the masque. The less damp the hair, the more intense the tone will be, so if you want a really pigmented result, make sure to dry the hair a little bit extra before applying the Colour Refresh. The Colour Refresh masques are also perfect to mix with each other to get your desired colour. Feel free to be creative and play a little!

Things to do in home stay: GO PASTEL!
Maria Nila Colour Refresh

The opposite then, let’s say I just want a tiny hint of a colour in the hair?

If you want a soft result, mix the formula with some of the White Mix to dilute the pigments. Or use the Colour Refresh together with a Maria Nila shampoo and get a foamier texture. The less percentage of Colour Refresh in total, the softer the result, or just to refresh the colour you have. Colour Refresh fades out gradually and softly, and only stays in the hair for 4 -10 washes depending on what colour you use, the quality of the hair and what colour you have to start with.

One last question, what is your favorite recipe for a perfect tone?

That's a hard one, I have a few. For the bold client, I tend to go back to my pastel pink, where I mix 1 part Pink Pop, 5 parts White Mix and 1 part Peach. The Pink Pop is heavily pigmented so I mix it with a lot of White Mix to make it pastel, and then add a bit of Peach just to make the pink a little bit warmer.

And for the brunettes and blondes who are not that bold?

For the brunette, I love using Cacao with a touch of Bright Copper to add some warmth. For the blonde, my all time favorite is Pearl Silver.

// Team Maria Nila